2018 Formula 2 car revealed

Formula 2 will be given a fresh car for next season to go with it’s new makeover, as the new chassis which features the Halo cockpit safety device has been unveiled.

The car features a similar design to the GP3 car that was unveiled two years ago, although still employs the shark fin on the engine cover. The biggest change of course is the inclusion of the Halo safety device, which will be on Formula 1 cars from next year.

The engine spec has changed from the naturally aspirated 4.0 litre V8 to a 3.4 litre turbo-charged Mecachrome engine, which delivers 620 HP at 8,750 rpm. The car will still have DRS and will be updated with a more sophisticated Virtual Safety Car system.

This will be the first change to the series since it introduced the GP2/11 chassis back in 2011. Normally the cars are supposed to change every three years, however the current car has stayed due to cost reasons. Now the new engine regulations should allow the series to keep costs down, while

“The car has been developed to include improved aesthetics, as well as bringing the safety level up to the highest standards for single-seater cars – and to ultimately bring it closer to a modern Formula One car on both of these points,” said FIA Race Director and Safety Delegate Charlie Whiting.

“Most importantly, the F2 2018 matches the very latest F1 safety standards: we have a strong track record on safety, and this was a principle focus during the design process,” said series director Bruno Michel.

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