Active BTCC Drivers Will No Longer Take Part In Race Three Lottery Draw

Active BTCC drivers will no longer be able to take part in the lottery draw for race three in the championship, after Rob Austin was found to have manipulated the grid by deliberately picking his own number.

Since last year drivers who had the the most to gain from the lottery draw – i.e. the one who finished 10th in race two – would be allowed to pick. However after the video evidence showed that Austin looked inside the bowl, series director Alan Gow has been quoted in Autosport in saying that they will no longer allow current drivers to determine the grid order, despite picking Austin’s number again in the re-draw.

Austin was apologetic about the incident, saying “I can’t tell you how crap I have been feeling about it” via the teams Facebook. “I think it was obvious from the moment I pulled #10 out that this did not sit well with me, hence my decision to own up during my grid interview for race three where I hope some of my regret comes across.”

“Even though it was drawn again completely fairly I didn’t feel I should be there, and although I was still giving it everything to win that race, there is a part of me that is actually glad that I didn’t win it because it wouldn’t of been right if I did after that. That’s not how we want to win races.”

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