Alonso Battles With Braking And ERS Issues In Monaco

Fernando Alonso had a fairly anonymous race in Monaco on Sunday. The Ferrari driver managed to bring home a steady 4th place, but whilst he wasn’t shown on the world feed much, he did have issues that he had to nurse throughout the race.

The first was ERS problems, which everyone seemed to have due to Monaco’s close circuit layout. Alonso says he had lost power at the start, which is why he was unable to defend from his teammate Kimi Raikkonen into turn one. He was then further passed by both Red Bull’s heading up the hill and into casino, where his Ferrari eventually gained back power.

“Between Turn 1 and 3 I was very, very slow and I was a little bit worried I would have to retire after lap one. And then suddenly the electric motor started working” he said to Autosport. But even if he had full power, Alonso says that he didn’t have the space to do anything else from where he started. “I tried to go to the left at one point but Kimi was doing a good start so it was not the place to go.”

The second issue occurred towards the end of the race, when he suffered front left brake issues in an attempt to catch up to Daniel Riccardo. “The car was braking with only right brakes so I had to hold the steering to the left. Once you are in that position you just try to bring the car safely home and get these points, but obviously we will try to do better next time.”

It’s hard enough as it is to try and negotiate Monaco, let alone with brake problems. Had his brakes not faded in the latter phase of the race though, he probably would’ve been in the chase for second with Riccardo when Lewis Hamilton started to suffer issues with his vision. Although Alonso concedes that “Fourth was the maximum” he could get out of his Ferrari F14 T.

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