[UPDATE] Alonso will be given green light to race after Practice

Update: Alonso has been given clearance to take part in the weekend after the FIA have deemed him fit enough to do so after FP1 today. He will be subject to medical conditions however, which dictate that he has to stop the car immediately if he feels any abnormal symptoms.


Fernando Alonso will have to wait until after Practice 1 to see if he will be able to race on Sunday.

His participation this weekend is still in doubt after he had to sit out in Bahrain two weeks ago, due to injuries he sustained in a crash at Melbourne.

The FIA have exempted him from following the sport code guidelines strictly this weekend, which relate to him being able to take part in each session.

They will however evaluate him further before they give him the green light to participate in the race on Sunday. Stoffel Vandoorne is on reserve duty for McLaren again.

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