Both Mercedes Drivers Running Carbon Industry Brakes This Weekend

Both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will be running the Carbon Industry brakes this weekend, after the front-right failure Hamilton experienced in Germany during Qualifying prompted the team to look at the safety of brake material along with Brembo.

On Friday the team issued a joint statement along with Brembo with regards to the investigation into the cause of the incident in Qualifying last week, saying “there is currently no clear evidence of a single cause of failure and our continuing rigorous analysis will take into account multiple factors which could have contributed to the incident. The results of this technical analysis will be communicated as soon as they are available. Formula 1 is a domain of advanced development where technologies are pushed to their limits and in which strong partnerships are crucially important.” 

We also understand that Mercedes ran with rear Brembo brakes on both cars in Germany last weekend, with Carbon Industry material for the fronts which they changed under Parc Ferme under the scrutiny of the FIA. But it seems the team aren’t confident enough to run the Brembo’s on either part of the car, due to the Hungaroring’s nature of being tough on the brakes.

It will be interesting to see whether other teams that run the Brembo brakes – who we understand to be Toro Rosso, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Sauber – are also running their material this weekend. We’ve already seen a total of eight failures in-season between three of these teams including Mercedes, with Red Bull being the only team not to have one publicly. Ferrari of course are reportedly running with last years material, after they stocked up on them out of fear that such issues would occur.

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