British firm announced as Halo supplier for F1 teams

One of three firms that will produce the Halo safety device for Formula 1 teams in 2018 has been announced at Autosport International.

SST Technology will provide the teams with the titanium structure which will feature on the cars this year, which will be built in to monocoque as opposed to retro-fitted to the cars like they have been in previous Friday practice outings and tests.

The Oxfordshire-based firm are the only British company that will manufacture the device, with teams having to outsource the work due to the precision engineering involved.

“Extremely tight material control, production parameters and dimensional tolerances were required to allow an accurate fit up of the assembly onto the chassis, and to meet the extremely high load requirements of this structure,” said the company. They added that this particular version is “manufactured to be at the lower limit of the weight tolerance stipulated by the FIA.”

SST Technology join Dutch technology company CP Tech as a company that have been approved by the FIA, and have also announced that they will supply the Halo to both Formula 2 and Formula E when the latter introduces it in the 2018/19 season.

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