British GP Preview: Formula 1 Comes Home

After a weeks worth of glorious sunny weather in Blighty, its time for Formula 1 to come back to where it all started in rural Northamptonshire.

EUcqeOGThe British fans will no doubt be out in force come rain or come shine. They know their motorsport, they remember all too well when Lewis Hamilton took the win here just 12 months ago which arguably put him back in the title hunt after Rosberg won in Monaco and Austria, and he retired in Canada.

Of course this year we go to the circuit having just come off a race where Rosberg was fastest on every occasion apart from Saturday afternoon, when arguably he could’ve completed the clean sweep.

This will be an interesting weekend in the title battle. Despite having the points advantage, Rosberg has the upper hand in the constant on-track between these two. Add to that the pressure of the home crowd, and all eyes will be on Hamilton to deliver.

Elsewhere in between Austria we’ve had a myriad of stories emerge in the sport, most notably from Italian media who state that this weekend will be crucial for Kimi Raikkonen after both Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas were named as his potential successors should the team not renew his contract for 2016.

Nico Hulkenberg is also said to be in the running, however Italian media are likely saying that it will be Bottas that the team goes with since Red Bull want to hang on to Ricciardo and they don’t want to pit two Germans together in the same team. Whilst I can’t see them breaking Ricciardo out of his contract, you’d think after the team made comments around 2012 about Hulkenberg’s relative inexperience that going with Bottas would pose the same issue.

Of course there is new management at Ferrari, and you can’t blame them for looking towards Bottas’ talent. But with a debut win at Le Mans how can that be overlooked for what will be just three years experience in Formula 1? At this rate I’m beginning to think the teams are coming up with excuses not to employ Hulk. Between him being too tall, inexperienced, and the wrong nationality, one wonders if he will end up going to sportscars instead.

Force India are expected to be introducing their ‘B-Spec’ car this weekend after running their new front wing in the post-race test last week in Austria. Manor will also have their first upgrades since Australia 2014 this weekend, along with a new sponsor which will be visible on their sidepods. The team have said focus has now switched to their 2016 car, with this weekends updates set to give them more of a buffer to the blue flags.

Finally it looks set to be another miserable weekend for McLaren after Honda confirmed Alonso would be taking a new Power Unit after his previous was damaged in the start crash in Austria. Jenson Button also looks set to have his worst British GP weekend, although I’m sure like many I’ll be cheering him across the line if he manages to finish the full 52 laps.

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