Canadian Grand Prix Secures Its Future For Next Ten Years In New Agreement

The Canadian Grand Prix will be on the Formula 1 calendar for at least the next ten years, as the circuit’s owners announced a new deal over the course of this weekends race, with Formula 1 Management. The circuit’s contract was due to expire at the end of this season, however in a new deal the circuits’ owners are set to invest more money in the staging of the popular Grand Prix event.

This includes a revamped pits and paddock complex, which most complain as being too small now with all of the teams infrastructure. There will also be a new Race Control facility, which has also been described as “ageing” by most.

“We are talking about an investment of $12 million dollars plus we will take care of all the infrastructure,” said Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre. “There will be a new paddock and a new [race control] tower, we will take care of that. Basically it will be around $32 million.”

“The Canadian GP is one of the big international events that builds on Montreal’s outstanding reputation and ranking among the world’s great cities,” he adds. Indeed, the Canadian Grand Prix is right up there alongside the British Grand Prix, the Singaporean Grand Prix, and the newly added Grand Prix of the Americas held in Austin, Texas. 

Last year alone the Canadian Grand Prix raked in 119,000 on race day, with the weekend attendance racking up to 332,000. Compared to the British Grand Prix, we can see that 120,000 attended on race day, with the Singapore Grand Prix topping 87,509 on race day. 

Of course the Canadian Grand Prix used to be the only F1 event held in North America, after the US GP was taken off the calendar in 2006 following a dispute with the promotor and FOM. With the Austin race being held in November and in the southern part of the US however, the Canadian Grand Prix has always been an appealing event for those who live in the likes of New York or Boston.

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