Changes To Qualifying Set For 2016 To Improve Show

There will be changes to the Formula 1 qualifying format in 2016, following a consultation with the teams yesterday in Geneva which sought to improve the show.

Whilst it will still be split up into three parts, from the season opener next month in Melbourne a new elimination style format will see the slowest drivers drop out every 90 seconds after a certain amount of time until the chequered flag.

For the 16 minute Q1 session, after 7 minutes has passed the slowest driver will be eliminated, with the next being eliminated every 1 minute and 30 seconds until we end up with 15 drivers. Then in the 15 minute Q2 it will start after 6 minutes until we end up with 8 drivers, then in the 14-minute Q3 it will start after 5 minutes until we reach the final two drivers in the last 90 seconds of the session.

The changes have been met with a mixed reaction from fans, some of which believe that the teams are changing fixing something that isn’t broke. Others meanwhile believe that it could add an extra element of excitement to the session, which has often been the result of an anti-climax in the closing stages.

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