Felipe Massa Excluded From Brazilian Grand Prix Due To Tyre Infringement

Felipe Massa has been excluded from the Brazilian Grand Prix due to a tyre infringement pre-race.

The Williams driver was found to be 0.1 psi above the minimum start pressure, after the tyre blankets heated his tyres above the maximum tread temperature allowed by Pirelli. That means he will loose his 8th place position, and will promote Grosjean up to 8th, Verstappen 9th, and Pastor Maldonado to 10th for the final points place.

“On the grid the tread temperature and minimum tire starting pressure of the right hand side rear tire was checked on car number 19 [Massa] after the “5-minutes” signal was given,” according to FIA Technical Delegate Jo Bauer.

“The temperature measured on the tread of the right hand side rear tire of car number 19 was 137 °C, 27 °C above the maximum tread temperature of 110 °C allowed by the official tire supplier. The corresponding tire pressure at 137 °C was 20.6 psi, 0.1 psi above the minimum starting pressure.”

The stewards added: “The temperature of the rear right tire was measured in compliance with the FIA Technical Directive TD/029-15. The team did not comply with the FIA Formula One Technical & Sporting Regulations, FIA International Sporting Code and the instructions of the official tire supplier in the event preview.”

Williams will appeal the decision.

Photo Credit: Williams F1 Team

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