FIA Confirms There Will Be No German Grand Prix In 2015

The FIA has today confirmed that there will be no German Grand Prix in 2015, after the commercial rights holder of the sport failed to reach an agreement with the promoter of the event. “The German Grand Prix has been withdrawn as the CRH (Commercial Rights Holder) and promoter did not reach agreement,” said the governing body.

Previously the race was scheduled to take place at the Nurburgring on July 19th, in what is a deal that sees the event alternate with Hockenheim. However after the commercial rights holder failed to reach on agreement with regards to the future terms of this deal, with the Nurburgring citing financial reasons for being unable to organise the Grand Prix this week.

Hockenheim was on the cards, but they said it was too late for them to host the race because it would have been impossible to market tickets properly given the timeframe they have.

This will be the first time the F1 calendar is without a German round since 1960, after the circuit was deemed too dangerous for Grand Prix cars. With the influence the nation has on the sport, it does come as quite a shock considering that there is also no French Grand Prix.

The next German GP is not scheduled to take place until 2016 at Hockenheim.

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