FIA Detail Relaunch of F2 Championship

Along with announcing that it has opened up the team selection process for the 2017 F1 season, the FIA also made a call for interest regarding the upcoming revival of the Formula 2 series.

In a document that outlines the specifications and terms of the series, the FIA said F2 should “complete and consolidate the FIA pyramid structure from karting to Formula One.” This comes after the governing body released the new Super Licence requirements which states that F2 title winners will get enough points [60] to qualify for one, thus opening up the possibility to race in F1.

According to the specifications the cars will be up to F1 2010 safety standards, produce 600bhp, weigh 640kg to 670kg including the driver, have seven-speed sequential gearboxes, carbon brake discs, wheels in line with F1 specifications, and DRS. The FIA also say “a hybrid approach is expected in the car concept.”

Many have touted the use of two-litre direct injection turbo engines introduced into Super GT last year – which are also set to arrive in DTM in 2017 – as an engine formula, which would open the series up to six manufacturers and the potential for support from major car firms.

Costs are targeted at €1 million per-season, with car costs targeted at €300,000 and engine costs capped at €100,000. The season will have a maximum of 12 events and a minimum of 10 race meetings, spread between two continents, with a guaranteed 20 cars built by 10 teams set to take each race start.

The race format seems to be similar to GP2, with two races per-weekend set to support an FIA World Championship [i.e. F1 or WEC]. The races will also be broadcasted on TV, with the potential for them to be streamed online “with a view to such website and social media presence being of high international standard.”

“The winner of the FIA F3 European Championship would have access in the best possible conditions to a full season in the Championship the year following the obtention of its title,” according to the FIA.

The document has yet to be finalised, with a meeting between the World Motorsports Council in July set to determine the full details of how the series will be run. But this is a look into some elements of the series which has caught the attention of some people, especially given its significance in the junior motorsports career ladder.

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