FIA F3 Race At Monza Stopped By Race Control Because It Was Too Dangerous

In an odd turn of events, todays final FIA Formula 3 race at Monza was red flagged after 9 laps of the allocated 19 after the message “Race Under Investigation” appeared on the timing screen from Race Control.

After yesterdays shambolic race in which two major crashes occurred involving Ferrari academy driver Lance Stroll and and Michele Beretta, both of whom ended up flipping their Dallara chassis at high speed, the stewards warned drivers that such incidents would not be tolerated and would red flag it if they deemed the driving standards too dangerous.

It appears that has happened after repeated “out of the rules” contact occurred between the drivers, along with many not adhering to the track limits. In the post-race press conference race director [] said “We informed the drivers that their behaviour was unacceptable,” in response to their concerns around this high speed circuit.

Felix Rosenqvist was classed as the race winner from Charles Leclerc and Jake Dennis. Rosenqvist tweeted after the race yesterday: “Two wins today, was lucky to be in front, avoiding all the chaos. Scary to drive among these muppets…”

Image Credit: FIA F3 Europe

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