FIA Opens Up Tender For ‘Alternative’ F1 Engine In 2017

The FIA has opened up a tender for an ‘alternative’ spec engine in Formula 1 for 2017, issuing a formal call for expressions of interest on their website this week.

The governing body is looking at introducing a 2.2 litre spec, twin turbo V6 in 2017 alongside the current crop of 1.6 lire turbo V6 engines. Those with the new spec engine however, would only be allowed to run a standard KERS system as opposed to the ERS system that composes of the MGU-H and MGU-K that Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault produce.

Candidates must supply a document detailing the suitability and experience of the venture, and confirm that it is “independent of a car manufacturer.”

It has been reported that the FIA are looking to reintroduce a Cosworth-type engine supplier for 2017, when ‘radical’ changes are set to be introduced in order to make the cars quicker and more spectacular to watch. The thinking is that it could be better for the smaller teams, who are currently playing second fiddle as customer teams and not receiving engine updates immediately due to lead times or bill payments.

Candidates who meet the requirements “may be entitled to participate in a tendering procedure the aim of which would be to identify an exclusive supplier of the alternative engines to the competitors,” said the FIA.

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