Force India Fined €1000 For Perez Going 50kph Over Pit Lane Speed Limit

Force India were today fined €1000 by the stewards after Sergio Perez was caught speeding in the pit lane.

The decision by the stewards says Perez was going 110.3kph which was in breach of Article 30.12 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations that states the pit lane speed limit is 60kph for Practice sessions and 100kph for Qualifying and the Race.

Despite the drivers having pit lane speed limiters that they can press on their steering wheels, speeding in the pits still happens at the best of times. When that does happen teams are fined €100 for every 100km they exceed, which is why we normally see drivers speeding by 10kph.

It used to be the case that drivers would be fined, however a regulation change last year meant that the stewards were limited to fining teams €1000.

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