Force India Will Appeal The Stewards Decision On Perez Incident In Canada

Force India will appeal the decision made by the stewards on the weekend of the Canadian Grand Prix, following an investigation into the incident on the last lap which lead to a massive crash between their driver Sergio Perez, and Williams driver Felipe Massa.

The stewards originally found that “car 11 changed his racing line which caused the impact with car 19 in Turn 1,” which they deemed was in breach of Article 16.1 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations, which we know as being defined as “caused a collision” in the rule book, and as such he was given a five-place grid penalty for Austria. 

The team however, believe that they have “new elements” to the incident, which has prompted them to request a review of the stewards decision prior to this weekends Grand Prix. The stewards will congregate with Perez at 09:00am tomorrow, who will “present their case as to the existence of any new elements.”

If they find the new elements to be relevant to the incident, both Perez and Massa alongside their team representatives, will be required to attend a meeting with the stewards later on in the day at 4:00pm when a decision will be made ahead of the weekend.

Both parties have been keen to voice their opinions on the incident, with Massa and Perez taking to Instagram following the decision by the stewards to present their version of what happened. Neither were present when the stewards came to the decision after the race as they were in the hospital getting routine checkups, so it will be interesting to see how the stewards go about the incident with both drivers present.

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