GP2 Series Makes Formal Offer To Promote Upcoming F2 Championship

GP2 Series Limited have put in an offer to promote the upcoming F2 Championship, which according to the FIA is intended to be the “final step in the single seater ladder to Formula 1.”

In a statement after the World Motorsports Council meeting yesterday, the governing body said: “The FIA has received an offer from GP2 Series Limited to be appointed as the promoter of the championship, and discussions are ongoing with the aim being to secure the best possible FIA F2 Championship.”

The news comes not long after they released details on the championship with regards to the type of cars that will be run, the costs, and the racing format which is not too dissimilar from GP2.

Of course GP2 is promoted by FOM Limited which is ran by Bernie Ecclestone, meaning we could see FIA F2 become apart of the Formula 1 support bill if room can be found. It could also open up the doors for the championship to merge, with the potential of running cars to the spec outlined in the details for F2.

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