GP3 Teases Next Generation Car On Twitter

GP3 have teased the next generation car on Twitter this morning with the caption: “The stars can’t go on holiday without the paparazzi following them… .”

The series looks to be testing the new car which features a slightly shortened shark fin, new rear wing, sidepods, and a Formula 1 style front wing.

Any changes would likely be drafted in to increase the competition in the series, which can largely be dependant on the type of tyres they bring to race weekends or the weather conditions. Last year they introduced winglets either side of the front wing in a bid to increase overtaking after drafting in the talents of Kimi Raikkonen, who quipped after driving: “It was good, but they should think about putting an engine in the car.”

Some have called for pitstops to be introduced in the Saturday Feature Race, but it is said that the series is reluctant to do this on the grounds of cost and timing. As a compromise they introduced longer Feature Races this year in a bid to increase tyre wear, but it has led to most drivers saving their tyres early on rather than a mix of drivers racing with those conserving.

With this years GP3 car now in its third year, it is likely that we will see the next-gen car unveiled at some point before the end of this year, ready for its debut in 2016.

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