GP3/16 Unveiled In Monza

The 2016 GP3 chassis has been unveiled in Monza ahead of this weekends 10th round of the championship. The new car designed and built by Dallara, is the third generation for the series and features a brand new Mecachrome 3.4 litre V6 which produces 400bhp.

However the most significant change to this new car is the aerodynamics, which have been designed with overtaking in mind. One of the GP3/13 chassis problems has been how it reacts to dirty air, this car hopes to combat that with a new front wing design along with engine covers, sidepods, and rear wing – much of which we noted in July when the series GP3_2016_Car_F1Weekendsteased the new car on its Twitter account.

The front and rear impact structures have also been designed to match the latest Formula 1 safety standards, and the monocoque has been designed to help accommodate taller drivers.

“I think it looks very aggressive. It’s up to current Formula 1 aesthetics which is very positive. It looks like a very pretty car and it should be good to watch on track,” said 2014 GP3 champion Alex Lynn. “I have to say I thought the last GP3 chassis I was in was the best one so far for being a taller driver. It’s certainly a good thing if we can get the taller drivers lower into the car and accommodate them even better.”

“I am very pleased with this new generation car. The first two generations have reached expectations in preparing young drivers for the next steps: GP2 and F1,” said series CEO Bruno Michel. “We’re convinced that the way we’ve positioned the GP3/16 is the right one for the next three seasons and will continue to attract drivers and teams whose ambition is to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.”

Image Credit: GP3 Series

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