GPSA Hopes To Make F1 More Accessible and Affordable For Fans

Amongst all the talk of fans surveys and strategy groups, an organisation known as the Grand Prix Supporters Association (GPSA) has emerged this week ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The online-based platform that aims to make Formula 1 more accessible to fans, sees people paying a yearly subscription; either Gold [£20] or Platinum [£35] and given the chance to provide feedback on the sport to stakeholders, the FIA, sponsors, teams and circuit promoters.

“The GPSA is a centralised, structured, point of contact for the F1 community,” said GPSA Partner Chris Thompson. “The main reason we are a paid for service is because we plan to hire a CEO who has a wealth of high level contacts and is respected within the sport. Someone who has the ear of Jean Todt, Bernie Ecclestone, Christian Horner, Toto Wolff etc.”

“The GPSA is a centralised, structured, point of contact for the F1 community”

This week saw the launch of two online surveys set up by Autosport and the GPDA in conjunction with, both of which are designed to gather information from fans of the sport by asking them a multitude of questions surrounding making the show better.

Thompson however believes that such methods of data collection are a lost cause. “Petitions like ‘SaveOurFormula’ for example have the influence to get things done; they are well meaning but ultimately a means of letting off steam. We want to make a serious difference and hire a professional motorsports person to lobby on our behalf. Such people are very expensive to hire, but their wealth of contacts and expertise can really make a difference.”

Alongside contact with some of the sports senior people, members will also get a range of discounts on F1 merchandise, tickets, books, DVDs, memorabilia and art on some well known motorsport brands such as Duke and the Columbus hotel in Monaco. “Anyone who buys F1 related items for themselves or for birthdays/xmas will be saving significant money, more than they are paying for a membership in most cases,” said Thompson.

Plans to also have a presence at race weekends will also be on the cards according to Thompson. “We hope to have a presence at races. We are also looking into putting on events for GPSA members like factory tours, track days, meets with ex and hopefully current drivers, fans forums and more. This is a ‘work in progress’ so to speak, but we are determined to bring fans closer to the sport.”

You can become a member of the GPSA by going to their website

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