Leaked Images Of Codemasters F1 2015 Appear

Leaked images taken from an internal email within Codemasters of F1 2015 have emerged today. The next-gen images show off the new Mexican Grand Prix circuit, as well as cars from last year with 2015 liveries and nosecones that are set to be updated down the line.

According to the email, the game will come complete with cars from 2014 and the field of 2015 cars and it seems the team are pushing for 60fps on the next-gen platforms. “On PS4 we’re hitting around 45-55fps at 1920×1080″ says the email. “There are still plenty of optimisations to be made on both the CPU and GPU side.” 

The email also reads “When the planets align and everything is working as it should, we have a truly stunning game on our hands,” which is encouraging news for fans of the series. Meanwhile Codemasters have said to Eurogamer that “At this time, all content is subject to approval by Formula One Management and the teams.”

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