Lewis Hamilton confirms he will take an engine penalty this weekend

Lewis Hamilton could start from the back of the grid in Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix because of an engine penalty he is due to take for switching to his sixth Power Unit.

Drivers are allocated just five items that make up the Power Unit during a season, and Hamilton is currently on his fifth Turbo Charger and MGU-H. This means he will take a penalty, although Hamilton is currently unsure to the extent it will affect his starting position on Sunday.

“As far as I am aware we will be taking a penalty here this weekend,” said Hamilton in the drivers¬†press conference. “I have no engines left.”

The three-time world champion heads into this round with an 19-point lead from Nico Rosberg. When asked about where he might be able to recover to in the race, Hamilton noted that the decrease in performance gap at the top could mean it will be more of a challenge than previous.

“It all depends on tomorrow. If Red Bull aren’t close with us thats two cars down, and then the gap follows behind. If the others are much slower, there is Safety Cars the possibilities go up,” he said.

“I’ve started last in Hungary a couple of years ago when the gaps were much bigger and I finished fourth. Sunday is going to be harder than that, but as long as I can get into the points.”

Photo Credit: XPB Images

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