Maldonado Got Penalised For Starting 18th Instead of 16th In Sunday’s Race

Pastor Maldonado. Love him or hate him, he does manage to get into some bizzare situations on track.

Like that time he ‘lost concentration’ in China and put his Lotus into the barrier, or when he blamed the track for his crash during Qualifying in Spain last year. Everyone’s favourite crash kid now has getting penalised for starting two positions back than he should have in yesterdays Bahrain Grand Prix, to add to his list of calamities.

After looking at footage the stewards determined that Maldonado started in 18th instead of 16th, which contravenes Article 38.9 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations. As such he was given a five second time penalty, which he was to serve during the race at his next pit stop.

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