McLaren to announce MP4-32 with a “traditional” livery according to Zak Brown on Feb 24th

McLaren have been the next team to announce their car launch date this week, with it set to take place on February 24th at the teams technology centre in Woking.

The team sent out a tweet detailing the event with the main text coloured orange, which has suggested that the team may make a nod towards a more ‘traditional’ orange that the team used to run in the early days of it’s F1 history before the advent of Marlboro sponsorship.

Zak Brown was on hand at least weekends Autosport Show to talk about this years car, which he confirmed would keep in line with the ‘McLaren Project’ naming tradition and will be known as the MP4-32.

“It depends what you define by ‘traditional!’ If there’s some orange in it, you’ll be happy. You’ll see some livery changes,” said Brown. I think the fans are going to be happy, we’ve listened to them and we’re going to see a car that will light up my Twitter. We’ve seen when other teams are launching and we take that into consideration, you want to be respectful, and we want to make sure everyone pays attention to our car and at the same time, not try and trump someone else.”

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