No Further Action From Stewards Regarding Sainz/Kvyat Last Lap Incident

The stewards have confirmed that there will be no further action on the incident between Sainz and Kvyat on the last lap.

The pair made contact going into the first corner, after Kvyat tried to go down the inside of the Toro Rosso driver, who made a late defensive move. The result was contact, with Sainz taking to the escape road. Whilst Kvyat was investigated for causing a collision, it was widely believed that Sainz might gain a penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

However after examining evidence the stewards have ruled that Sainz did slow down before re-entering the track and gave room for Kvyat through turn three. The stewards have also seen the ding dong as a racing incident, deciding not to penalise either driver in any manner. This means Sainz retains his 9th place finish.

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