Pirelli: Maximum Number of Laps On Medium Compound Was 22

According to Pirelli the maximum number of laps that could’ve been done on the Medium compound tyre during yesterday’s Belgian Grand Prix was 22, which meant Vettel’s 28-lap stint during the race yesterday was well out of the operating window that was predicted.

The tyre manufacturer said in a press release after the race, that Vettel’s rather controversial blowout with two laps to go having only pitted once in his Ferrari, was due to them being denied the ability to set maximum limits to the amount of laps any driver can run on a set of tyres, two years ago.

“In November 2013, we requested that there should be rules to govern the maximum number of laps that can be driven on the same set of tyres, among other parameters to do with correct tyre usage,” said Pirelli. “This request was not accepted. The proposal put forward a maximum distance equivalent to 50% of the grand prix distance for the prime tyre and 30% for the option. These conditions, if applied today at Spa, would have limited the maximum number of laps on the medium compound to 22.”

This is in response to Vettel’s public outcry after the race towards the race directors and Pirelli themselves, calling the situation “bullshit” in front of the televised media. Nico Rosberg also joined Vettel in the sentiments, after he experienced a high speed blowout in Practice on the Friday.

The tyre manufacturer stated that there was no structural issues with the tyre compounds they brought to last weekends race after what happened to Rosberg, however the exact cause for Vettel’s blowout has not been identified. With Pirelli’s statement many have pointed fingers towards the Ferrari driver’s aggressive kerb usage during the race, particularly at the top of Radillon and on the exit of Paul Frere.

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