Raikkonen sustained damage on tyre which caused British GP failure according to Pirelli

Pirelli have concluded that Kimi Raikkonen picked up damage to his tyre during the closing stages of the British Grand Prix, which eventually led to it’s failure.

According to the tyre manufacturer, their findings reveal “specific damage in two places at the edge of the belt close to the internal shoulder area” and that “this damage is not present throughout any other areas of the tyre whatsoever.”

“Furthermore, the belt and the structure do not show any signs of fatigue” said Pirelli who blame external contact against the “external body” of the tyre.

“This damage did not however compromise the actual tyre structure” they add, “with Raikkonen able to make his way safely back to the pits on an inflated tyre.”

Slow puncture for Vettel 

Meanwhile Pirelli have also said that it was a slow puncture and consequently driving back to the pits which caused the failure for Sebastian Vettel’s tyre.

“A full investigation has now confirmed that the original cause of the failure was a slow puncture,” said Pirelli. “The consequent driving back to the pits on an underinflated and then flat tyre led to the final failure.”

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