Red Bull Unveil Adrian Newey-Designed AM-RB001

When Red Bull signed their partnership deal with Aston Martin earlier this year, one of the announcements was a supercar designed by Adrian Newey.

Today the team have unveiled the AM-RB001, which is effectively an LMP1 car for the road. The car features a V12 engine – a V10 would’ve been too vibratory for the chassis according to Newey – and it is targeted to have 1000bhp.

The car will not feature a duel clutch gearbox because of weight, however Newey says they are working on a solution. “The transmission is a key area of research. The current DCTs are just monsters, they weigh 150kg-plus, and are tremendously bulky,” said Newey. “The concept of the car is small and light. So we’re researching exactly how we’ll do the transmission. We’re homing in on a solution but it’s going to be tricky.”

Newey said inspiration came from the Red Bull X1 Playstation car, which utilised extreme ground effect methods in order to get it to corner at near top speed.

Only 99 will be made, with 50 of them being special editions at a price between £2m and £3m. Production is set to start at the end of 2018.

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