Safety Car Tweaks Being Discussed To Have More Standing Starts

Talks to have standing starts every race regardless of the conditions are set to take place between the teams and the FIA next weekend according to Auto Motor und Sport.

Following the back lash after the British GP from fans and media alike, Charlie Whiting is looking at a system whereby they can do a standing start once the track is declared dry enough by Safety Car driver Bernard Marylander and the drivers.

Tyre changes would not be allowed until after the first lap at racing speed and laps under the Safety Car would still count towards the race distance.

This is in favour of letting the cars go as the Safety Car comes in, allowing the fans to still get the excitement of a standing start. The proposal would not be put in immediately however, with fans having to hold off until the 2017 season onwards for the rule tweak to be imposed.

Of course this is not to be confused with the fabled Safety Car standing restart system, which was proposed two years ago and later dropped.

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