Sauber unveil C36 and commemorate 25 years in F1

Sauber are the first to unveil their C36 2017 Formula 1 challenger this week. The team are commemorating their 25 years in the sport with their livery, in photos which show the car fully built rather than in CGI format.

However, much like Williams, the team are staying with the ‘stubbed’ nosecone design but have adopted a more pronounced version of the ‘shark fin’ engine cover. The packaging around the front axle also looks aggressive, with the air intake design reminiscent of the 2010 Mercedes/2011 Caterham.

Of course the team are running with 2016 Ferrari engines this year, with Jörg Zander also returning to the team as technical director this year. “With the tyres one might be able to mask deficits and get development concepts to work better,” said Zander, in reference to the clear power deficit that the team will be coping with a 2016 Power unit.

Pascal Wehrlein will not be taking part in the first pre-season test after suffering back injuries during the Race of Champions last month, and instead will be replaced by GP2 runner up Antonio Giovinazzi.

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