Silverstone Hoping To Introduce Jet2 Airlines-Style Ticket System For 2016 British GP

Silverstone is hoping to introduce a Jet2 Airlines-style ticket system for the 2016 British Grand Prix.

Speaking at the circuit today the new managing director of the Silverstone circuit Patrick Allen, has revealed that Silverstone is 1,000 sales short today of its total sales last year and expects to see 130,000 people on race day this year, of whom he hopes between 90,000 and 100,000 will be paying spectators.

However for the 2016 British GP Allen hopes to introduce a Jet2 Airline-style type promotion where the earlier you buy tickets, the cheaper it will be. The circuit already allows people to pay ‘early bird’ prices before Christmas and some time before the following season starts, however this is all part of a new plan to drive the cost of attending the race meeting down – which has only went up in recent years.

With the new management involving Stuart Pringle and a new Chief Financial Officer to join shortly, various solutions introduced ahead of this years race have allowed the event to grasp a stronger commercial footing through the likes of its of £99 general admission tickets and £120 weekend tickets.

Allen also notes that whilst the circuit is 26 per-cent up on sales this year and 20 per-cent up on revenues, there needs to be more of a focus on the long-term interest that the sport grasps from fans. “Fans come to F1 to see racing, not people looking at data screens,” he said. “I’d rather the FIA would give us a better product, using the rules. I wonder if the F1 product is right for the fans, if we start seeing numbers falling away, fans losing interest, things can unravel pretty fast.”

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