Strategy Group Agrees On Less Driver Aids and Race Weekend Format Shakeup For 2016

This week the Formula 1 Strategy Group met in Biggin Hill to follow up ongoing discussions on how to improve ‘the show’ for fans of the sport.

Among the proposals for introduction as early as Belgium this year was less emphasis on driver aids and coaching. According to the statement this proposal “received unanimous support” from the Strategy Group, who plan on making race starts more manual and bringing back the “full control of the car” to the driver.

“Several exciting and innovative changes to the Qualifying and Race format” are also being discussed, which would include Qualifying replacing Practice 3 and having a race to determine the order on Sunday’s race – similar to what they do in GP2 without the reverse grid.

Increased freedom of tyre choices for each driver during a race weekend is also being finalised with Pirelli, and set to be introduced in 2016.

An overhaul of the power unit penalties is also being submitted to the F1 Commission, with new manufacturers to the championship set to receive an extra power unit per-driver. As such Honda will receive an extra Power Unit for the rest of 2015. Improvements to the exhaust note is also being made in order to combat the seemingly never-ending noise debate. There will also be a review of the token system, race fuel allowance which is set to increase, limits on the usage of engine dyno’s, and costs of supply.

Finally a new set of regulations aimed at making the cars more aerodynamically aggressive for 2017 including the introduction of wider cars, wheels, new wings, floor shape, and significantly increased downforce is being discussed among the engineers and designers at the teams.

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