Todt and Ecclestone Given Mandate To Change Formula 1 Without Consulting Teams

FIA President Jean Todt and Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone have both been given a mandate which allows them to shape the future of the sport, without consulting the teams.

The new roles were approved by the World Motorsport Council “by a near unanimous number” with only one vote against the idea. At the minute teams collectively come together in a Strategy Group in order to shape the sport going forward. It is here that ideas will be put before the World Council, before being written into the rules.

With this new mandate, Ecclestone and Todt are able to implement decisions on “pressing issues” in the sport without the need to consult the teams, which should make changes happen more swiftly in the light of some of the sports more pressing issues such as its governance and cost cuts.

“Mr Todt and Mr Ecclestone expressed their intention to establish conclusions on these matters by 31 January, 2016,” the statement reads.

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