Vettel To Take Gearbox Penalty

Sebastian Vettel will take a new gearbox this weekend after terminally damaging his previous one in Baku during the European Grand Prix.

This means the Ferrari driver will take a five-place grid penalty after qualifying, guaranteeing that he will not be in the prime front or second rows of the grid for the start of the race.

Vettel has relied on these positions before to get ahead of Mercedes on track position, notably in Canada where he was able to control the pace for the first stint. It will not be the case this weekend however, although that doesn’t rule out Ferrari as they bring Power Unit updates to this race.

They will also be trialling the new ‘Halo 2’ device during practice, which is a revamp of the first iteration of the Halo we seen in pre-season testing. The new version is a steel frame as opposed to all-carbon fiber, and will serve as an evaluation for the teams as they vote on whether it gets introduced next year.

Photo Credit: XPB

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