WEC Gets Rid of Famed Grid Girls

The World Endurance Championship will no longer have grid girls at the start of race meetings from 2015 onwards.

In a move that breaks a 65-year tradition in motor racing, WEC chief executive Gerard Neveu told Reuters: “From Silverstone next week, you will see that for any race we will do – no grid girls like in the past.” Neveu cited the change in “condition of women” in todays culture as being one that is different to what it used to be in the past, when grid girls were thought of as a feature.

Now it seems the changes are all part of catering to a new audience. “The sport is sport, but around it we can do many things,” said Neveu. “We will have a DJ, entertainment, many things on the grid. The show will start from the grid…but the star at the end is the sportscars and the drivers of the car.”

WEC world champion Anthony Davidson also praised the changes in what he thought was previously a “sexist” attitude. “I talk about this with my wife quite a lot, and we both agree it’s actually pretty backward” he said. “It’s old school to have such a concept as grid girls. Surely the world’s moved on? And motor racing should follow quite closely what the rest of the world’s doing in that respect. I think that’s a really nice touch, a modern touch as well, from the WEC to take that aspect of racing away. It is a bit sexist.”

Image Credit: Simon Hedson

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