Zoel Amberg’s FIA Licence Suspended After Encountering “Physical Problems” During Races

Zoel Amberg has had his FIA race licence suspended since the Silverstone round of the GP2 Series, after encountering “physical problems” that have been causing him to feel sick or physical discomfort when racing a car.

The Swiss driver who has sat out the last three race weekends, said in a statement on the Team Lazurus website, that contrary to rumours that he does not have the necessary budget or has been conflict with the team: “my actual physical conditions do not allow me to race a car without feeling sick and causing me an overall physical discomfort. All these symptoms came back here in Budapest. Now, when I’m driving after the two accidents in Monte Carlo, I feel some sort of pressure on the cranium or develop a headache.”

Amberg said the symptoms where also present at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in May, where he was competing in an LMP2 car. “Here the discomfort was much less, maybe because of the lower G-forces compared to the ones in a single-seater. I don’t have any problems in everyday life.”

“When my license got suspended for 15 days by the FIA before the race in Silverstone, I practiced some sport without any problems,” added Amberg. “Next week I’ll undergo some in-depth exams and let’s hope that we find the cause for my malaise.”

Amberg is not the first driver to have his FIA licence suspended recently. Former Toro Rosso driver turned Formula E driver for Virgin Racing Jaime Alguersuari had his racing licence suspended recently on dehydration concerns, which is why he had to sit out the London ePrix finale earlier this month.

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